FFSC Board Meeting Agenda, Monday, Oct 22

5:30pm at Jay Lively Ice Arena

Call to Order

Members Present / Determine Quorum

Approve the 9/24/18 Board Meeting Minutes

Treasurer’s Report
September Financial Statement
IP Update
Update on Late & Delinquent Payors
Do we have a comparison on the additional income if we were to raise drop-in rates?

Financial Policy & SOP

Membership Report

Board Member Update – Does Tracy have any interest in accepting the VP position? Are any other parents interested?

SafeSport Compliance – What volunteers are required? How are other clubs getting their members to become compliant?

D2L Training – Have all board members completed training?

New Harness – Has the bid remained the same?

Projector for the Club – Any Update?

Wildflower Fundraiser – Are we able to get an exception and have the proceeds given to individuals? If not, should we move forward with FFSC being the recipient?

Trunk or Treat – October 31st, 4:00pm – 7:00pm. What items will we hand out?

Additional Fundraising/Publicity Ideas.

Summer High Altitude On and Off Ice Training Camp – Should we reach out to Jill Watson to see if she would be willing to help?

National Skating Month in January – Are we able to partner with FYHA? Should we schedule a date?

Safety Meetings - Are there any skaters that still needing to sign the Safety Form?


Change in Parking Access for the Ice Rink

Per the Jay Lively management, access through the Jay Lively main entrance will be rerouted through Cedar Road due to a water improvement project. The Jay Lively Ice Arena will remain open and times have not changed. Depending on weather, the crews will reach the entrance either this week or next. Likely the weather this week will delay work and crews will shut down the main entrance early next week, but that could change. All traffic will be detoured through Cedar Rd. for entrance and exiting. The Cedar road detour will be signed temporary no parking during this time. The work affecting the main entrance will likely take two weeks to finish. The crews are working Monday through Thursday. The crews will be re-opening the main entrance Friday through Sunday.


Board Meeting Agenda, Sept 24, 2018, 5:30 pm at Jay Lively Ice Arena

Call to Order

Members Present / Determine Quorum

Approve the 7/23/18 & 8/27/18 Board Meeting Minutes

Treasurer’s Report
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SafeSport for Parents

USFSA strongly recommends that all adult members, as well as parents and guardians of FFSC junior members (under 18), take the Parent’s Guide to Misconduct in Sport course, which is free and available from AthleteSafety.org: https://www.athletesafety.org/training/index.


FFSC Board Meeting, August 27, 2018

FFSC Board Agenda, August 27, 2018, 5:30 pm at Jay Lively Ice Arena

Call to Order

Members Present / Determine Quorum

Approve the 7/23/18 Board Meeting Minutes

Ice in the Pines
What went well?
What areas of opportunity do we have?
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2018 Ice in the Pines

Our ninth competition is in the history books and it was the largest event yet. Thank you skaters, for showing us your beautiful programs- and a huge thank you to the donors, vendors, and volunteers who made it all work so well. And you can still watch the last few hours of the event on Coronado Productions YouTube channel by clicking here.

Safety Meetings Sundays, Sept 9 and 23, at 1:15 PM

We will be holding our annual Safety Meetings on Sundays, 9/9 and 9/23 at the rink, in the Party Room to start at 1:15pm with skates on, moving to the ice at 2pm for the conclusion of the meeting. Please plan to attend one of these meetings! Under age 16 skaters must have a parent attend the same session with them. Be sure to sign in so we know you attended!


RISE, Sunday, Aug 26, 12:30 pm

This skating documentary will be shown at the rink, in the Party Room for our members and families on Sunday, 8/26 at 12:30pm. Learn some history about your sport! This team-building event is brought to you by your Board of Directors as a thank you for all the hard work on the competition! Refreshments will be provided. You won't want to miss this! Click here for the trailer.


Skate Swap Sunday, Aug 12, during Club Ice

Sellers - Bring your items to sell, marked with a price and the seller's name, so we can get you your $$$. Please remember 10% of the sale price is donated to FFSC. Buyers - Please bring cash or check to pay for your purchases.


Ice Change Aug 13

Hockey has canceled for Monday, Aug 13, so we'll have two afternoon sessions, 3:15-4:15 PM and 4:15- 5:15 PM.



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