Spring Exhibition 2017

The FFSC Spring exhibition will take play Sunday, April 30, 2:15 pm at Jay Lively Ice Arena. The public is welcome! See our events page for the skating order.

FFSC Annual Meeting

The FFSC Annual Meeting, as required by our bylaws, will take place Sunday, April 30, at approximately 4 pm at the ice rink (after the Spring Exhibition.) This year's Annual Meeting is especially important because the membership will be voting on new club bylaws, as well as electing the new Board of Directors.

Board Meeting Agenda April 24, 2017

FFSC Board Agenda

Monday, April 24, 2017
5:30pm @
Ice Rink

Monthly Business
1. Review and Approval of Board Meeting Minutes – Approval of March Minutes
2. Treasurer’s Report-
3. Membership Report- 64 Full Members and 4 Associate Members

Current Business
1. Ice in the Pines

Other Business


Extra Monday Ice in May

We will have an extra session on Monday, 4:15-5:15 pm, on May 1 and 8.


Spring Rink Closure

Jay Lively Ice Arena will be closed from May 15 through May 31 for maintenance.


Board Meeting Agenda

Monday, March 27, 5:30 at the rink

Monthly Business
1. Review and Approval of Board Meeting Minutes – Approval of February Minutes
2. Treasurer’s Report-
3. Membership Report- 64 Full Members and 4 Associate Members

Current Business
1. Review of Safety Meetings Presentation
2. IP
3. Bylaws
4. Print more rack cards (Bruce will order)
5. Other Business


May Ice Changes

Due to a hockey event, our only ice on Sunday, May 7, 2017, will be 6:45-7:45 pm.


Update: Club Ice Changes

Friday, March 3: 3:45-5:45 pm
Sunday, March 5: Two sessions 2:45-4:45 pm (no ice 2:00-2:45)
Sunday, March 12: Extra session 12:30-1:45 pm, plus regular time 2:00-4:45 pm


Monthly Ice Fees effective March 1, 2017

Happy 2017! I hope all have recovered from the storms and are back to skating as expected. 2017 promises to be another busy year with our spring exhibition, a growing Learn to Skate program and Ice in the Pines this August.

As a club, our biggest expense is our monthly payment to the city for ice time. The board has been reviewing our expenses and recognized that we have been spending more for ice than what we have been collecting in ice fees. On average, we are losing $1000/month for ice time we pay for but do not collect from skaters. Our current by-laws prohibit the club from supplementing ice time and it is not a sustainable set up for our club to proceed as is. As a result, the Board has voted for the following changes, effective March 1, 2017.

  • Dropping Saturday Ice - Our attendance at Saturday ice is very low and we often have no skaters using the early morning time. Paying for sessions that aren’t used is unsustainable
  • Revising the monthly fee structure – In an effort to set up a sustainable financial structure for the club, the monthly ice fee structure will change to include a flat unlimited rate ($100) per month and our existing $15 walk on rate
  • Remember that ice monitors can reduce their dues by helping out!

We recognize that the expense of skating is taxing for all families and can assure you that this decision was not made lightly. This structure more closely models how other clubs manage their ice fees and should position the FFSC to keep Flagstaff ice skating.

Terri Hayes
for the FFSC Board


Walk-On Procedure

FFSC members, and members of other USFSA clubs, are welcome to skate as walk-ons on FFSC sessions. Members of other USFSA clubs must:

  1. Must be a current member of a USFSA club
  2. Sign a waiver (once per season). Waivers are available in the staff office at the south end of the lobby hall
  3. Pay the walk on fee ($15 per session). Payment envelopes and a dropbox are in the staff office. You can also pay via PayPal on our Club Ice page
  4. Check in with the Ice Monitor and turn in their music
  5. Sign in- next to your name, check off the session(s) skated on the sign-in sheet. If you're a non-member or a new member, write your name on the sheet

All skaters using FFSC ice (except coaches) must pay for their ice time



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