Board Meeting Agenda, November 27

November 27, 2017, 5:30pm, Jay Lively Ice Arena

1. Call to Order

2. Members Present/Determine Quorum

3. Approve the 8/28/17 and 9/25/17 Board Meeting Minutes

4. Treasurer’s Report
a) Financial Policy
b) Review Late Payers of Ice Fees

5. Membership Report

6. Discuss filling Vice President position vacated by Mary Anne Persons.

7. New Jump Harness – Same Quote, per Bruce – Response from Coaches – Vote

8. Light Parade – December 9th - are we participating?

9. Holiday Exhibition – Sunday, December 17th – Publicity/Program, Skating Order, Volunteers, Family Skate afterwards? Pizza? Dessert Pot Luck?

10. National Skating Month Event in January 2018

11. Test Refresh Update / Discuss February or March Test Session (after Winter Olympics)

12. Orientation Meeting: Coaches, Board Members and Ice Monitors – October 1st at 3:30pm – provide feedback on how it went – Jennifer Rohrig, Mary Anne Persons, Rhonda Cashman, Eric Walden, Garrick Brooks, Tracy Bates, Erin Irwin and Courtney Cashman attended.

13. Safety Meetings: follow up discussion – members still needing to complete according to Secretary’s records are: Lauren Copeland-Glenn, Cyanne Henson, Morgan Coverdale and parent (unless 18), Delaney Crawford and parent, Lynn King, Ariana Lambert (adult?) and Audrey Zerger and parent. FFSC members that skate in Phoenix do not have to do the safety meeting unless they plan to skate at Jay Lively.

14. LTS Compensation – Coach in Charge – further discussion

15. Fundraising Ideas :
a) Halloween – Sunday, October 29th, 4-4:45pm, invite a friend to skate in costume-friend’s parent/guardian must sign waiver in advance.- Information Update from Jeff –Turnout?
b) Ongoing fundraising/promotions
-Ongoing virtual skate swap
-Group participation in community events – any suggestions?

16. D2L Training – Complete by Officers?

17. Next Meeting Monday, December 18th, 5:30pm at the rink (4th Monday falls on Christmas Day).