Board Meeting August 28, 2017

FFSC Board Agenda
August 28, 2017
Jay Lively Ice Arena

Call to Order
Members Present/Determine Quorum
Approve the 7/24/17 Board Meeting Minutes
Treasurer’s Report
Membership Report
Ice In The Pines Follow Up
New Jump Harness
National Skating Month Event in January 2018
Orientation Meeting: Coaches, Board Members and Ice Monitors – Reschedule from 8/13/17
Safety Meetings: Sundays, September 10th and 24th at 1:30pm for the off-ice portion and then move onto the ice at 2pm.
LTS Compensation
Fundraising Ideas :
a) Halloween 
b) I would like to propose having the club put on a Christmas show, such as the Nutcracker,  either for pay or for charitable donations. Mary Ann was telling me about the success of the Frozen show a few years ago, but that it was very hard on the coaches. To alleviate the stress/strain, Emily and I would be happy to do much of the coordination.
c) Light Parade
d) Ongoing fundraising/promotions
-Ongoing virtual skate swap
-Ice time snack basket
-Group participation in community events (Such as September's Color Run)
Summer High Altitude On and Off Ice Training Camp – June?
D2L Training – Reminder to Officers to Complete by September Board Meeting