Club Ice

FFSC Holiday Exhibition 2017

Our home ice is Jay Lively Ice Arena. Unlike at most rinks, FFSC runs the freestyle sessions. We rent ice from the city-owned rink for use by our members and members of other USFSA clubs. Our sessions are reserved for freestyle, ice dance, pairs skating, private lessons, public exhibitions, shows, test sessions, and competitions.

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Club Ice 2019-20 Season

Day Start Time End Time Length Notes
Sunday 2:00 pm 3:00 pm 60 minutes All levels
Sunday 3:00 pm 4:00 pm 60 minutes All levels
Sunday 4:00 pm 4:45 pm 45 minutes All levels/Specialty Class
Monday 6:00 am 7:00 am 60 minutes All levels*
Monday 3:15 pm 4:15 pm 60 minutes All levels
Wednesday 3:15 pm 4:15 pm 60 minutes All levels
Wednesday 4:15 pm 5:15 pm 60 minutes All levels
Wednesday 5:30 pm 6:00 pm 30 minutes Learn to Skate (on public session)*
Friday 2:45 pm 4:00 pm 75 minutes All levels
Friday 4:00 pm 5:15 pm 75 minutes All levels

Club Ice is Subject to Change

Check the Home page for updates and changes.

All sessions are open to all members of FFSC and members of other USFSA clubs except as noted:
Specialty on-ice classes are sometimes held on the third session Sundays
*Learn to Skate (LTS) classes run on Wednesday 5:30-6:30 pm on the public session and have their own fee.

Club ice may be canceled or rescheduled because of technical problems or an event. Additional FFSC sessions may be scheduled before upcoming test sessions and regional competitions. Please check the club calendar, your email or the club Facebook page before heading to the rink.

FFSC sessions and special events are open only to figure skaters who are members of FFSC or a USFSA member club. Members of other USFSA clubs are welcome but must sign a waiver (once per season) and pay the walk-on fee for each session skated. All skaters using club ice (except FFSC coaches) must pay for their ice time. The club rents ice from the City of Flagstaff and must recoup the cost from member skaters.

A skater who is genuinely interested in joining FFSC may skate one club session as a nonmember while working with a club coach. The skater (and parent/legal guardian of skaters under 18 years) must sign a waiver and pay the walk-on ice fee before taking the ice.

Ice payments are subject to the club's Financial Policy.

Ice Fees

Effective July 1, 2019

Rate Cost Notes
LTS Intro $50 Per month, first 3 months for LTS members who join FFSC
Monthly $120 Monthly rate for all sessions, if paid by the 10th
Monthly (late) $145 Monthly rate for all sessions, if paid after the 10th
Walk-On $20 Per session
  • Ice fees may be paid via the online FFSC Membership System by logging into your membership account and selecting the Contract Ice tab (convenience fees will be applied.) Ice may also be paid via check in the club drop box in the staff office at the rink
  • Shaters who have paid walk-on fees for part of a month may upgrade to unlimited sessions by paying the difference between their walk-ons and the monthly rate at any time during the month
  • Sign in- next to your name, check off the session(s) skated on the sign-in sheet. If you're a non-member or a new member, write your name on the sheet
  • Skaters who have not paid monthly ice or walk-on fees will be not be allowed to skate
  • Skaters who are more than 90 days behind in ice payments will be placed as "Members Not in Good Standing", which means they cannot participate in any FFSC or USFSA events or test sessions

Specialty Classes

FFSC coaches occasionally hold specialty on-ice classes such as power stroking, choreography, and more. These are normally held on Sundays from 4:15 to 4:45 pm, though classes may be as short as 15 minutes and as long as 45 minutes. Classes will be announced via our website and by email to members. Costs are- 15-minute $5, 30-minute $10, and 45-minute $15. Payments for specialty classes may be made online via the FFSC Membership System. Select the Contract Ice tab. You can also pay by check in the club drop box in the staff office at the rink.

Club Ice Rules

Skaters must be a full or associate member of FFSC in order to buy ice at the monthly rate. Monthly ice fees are due on the 1st of each month- no exceptions. After the 10th skaters will not be allowed on the ice until all fees are paid. Drop your check in the club drop box at the rink in the staff office. It's the last door on the right in the lobby. Checks only please, no cash. Or pay with Paypal- see above.

Skaters who have paid the monthly rate may skate on all club sessions, including sessions that may be added during the month. Most club sessions are 60 minutes, but some are 75 or 45 minutes. Ice fees need not be paid for a month in which you do not skate at all.

Skaters who expect to skate only a few sessions in a month may pay for each session as a walk-on. Skaters who have been paying walk-on fees may apply the amount paid toward the monthly rate at any time during the month, by paying the difference. Clearly note on the payment envelope that you are paying the difference in ice fees. You must pay difference amounts with a payment envelope- you cannot use PayPal.

If any skater has an unpaid balance for three months, they will be considered a member not in good standing with FFSC and will be denied the privilege of participating in any club events. If any skater has an unpaid balance at the end of the fiscal year in June, they will be reported to USFSA as a member not in good standing.

Ice fees are subject to change, and the board will notify club members via email and our website as far in advance as possible.

Before skating, all skaters must:

  1. Be a current member of FFSC, or
  2. Sign a waiver if not a member. Waivers are available in the staff office at the south end of the lobby hall
  3. If not an FFSC member, pay the walk on fee ($15). Payment envelopes and a dropbox are in the staff office
  4. Check in with the Ice Monitor and turn in their music
  5. Sign in- next to your name, check off the session(s) skated on the sign-in sheet. If you're a non-member or a new member, write your name on the sheet

All skaters using club ice (except FFSC coaches) must pay for their ice time- NO EXCEPTIONS

Skate safely at all times!

  • A senior member or a parent must be present in the rink where they can observe the skating any time junior members are on the ice. This is a liability issue and there will be no exceptions
  • Always look in the direction you are skating and watch for other skaters at all times
  • Enter and leave the ice by skating around the ends- don't cut across
  • Skaters practicing a program must wear a program belt and have the right-of-way of all other skaters
  • Skaters in a lesson with their coach have the right-of-way over all skaters except those practicing a program
  • Leave the ice to talk or take a break- don't stand around on the ice
  • Cell phones may not be used on the ice or in the hockey and music boxes, except for skater's music
  • If you need to stop momentarily, skate to the boards
  • Observe the club jumping and spinning zones as posted at the rink, or download a copy.

Safety Meetings

All FFSC skaters must attend at least one safety meeting each season. Safety meetings are normally held in September. Coaches are expected to hold safety meetings with new students who join at other times of the year. Parents of junior members 15 years and under must attend the safety meeting with their skater.

Parents, Friends, and Spectators

Non-skaters who are not assisting with the session are not allowed in the hockey boxes or music box during club sessions. This is to avoid distractions during lessons and practice. An exception is made for family members who wish to shoot photos or video of their skaters. Please check in with the ice monitor before entering a hockey box.

Ice Monitor

FFSC encourages parents and senior members to volunteer as Ice Monitors. The Ice Monitor checks in skaters via the sign-in clipboard and plays the skater's music during the session. The Ice Monitor also enforces the club safety rules with the assistance of any senior members and board members who are present.

Junior members whose parent volunteers as Ice Monitor at least 4 times in a month can pay $75 monthly ice rate. Senior members who volunteer as Ice Monitor at least 4 times in a month also get the same rate. If paid after the 10th, the ice monitor rate includes a $25 late fee.

The ice monitor's responsibilities are:

  • Put out the program belts
  • Collect the skater's music
  • Make certain that each skater on the ice has signed in
  • On days with muliple sessions, make sure skaters sign in for each session
  • Run the music box
  • ice monitors are not required to accept or play skater's programs that are not on CD. Only trial music for a new program may be played from iPods, etc.
  • Enforce the club safety rules, with the assistance of any board members present or senior members that are on the ice
  • Return music CD's to skaters or their coaches after the session
  • Return the sign-in clipboard and the belts to the club storage box at the rink

Club safety rules are listed above and are also posted on the club bulletin board at the rink.