Club Jackets and Hoodies

Club Jackets are now available. The jacket has the club logo on the back and skater's name on the front, same as the last order except the purple in the logo is lighter in color, so the logo shows up better against the black jacket. Here's how it works:

Check Chloe Noel's size chart to get the correct size.

Then order your jacket from either pro shop in Phoenix (It's the Chloe Noel J37, color black on black- make sure you get that color as there's no place for the club logo on the other colors):

Pro's Edge Sports and Discount Skatewear (Cave Creek and 101)-


Coyote Ice Sports (Ice Den in Scottsdale)-

You can pay to have the jacket shipped to you or pick it up in Phoenix.

You can also have the club logo put on the old club jacket or any other jacket of your choice, as long as it's black. We won't accept other colors because black is the club's team jacket color. The jacket must be laundered if it's an old jacket.

When you have your jacket and you're sure it fits, then take the jacket to our embroiderer and pay her directly:

All Aboard Embroidery

2412 W Rock Island Ave
Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Club Hoodies and T Shirts

Nerd Inc.

10 N Leroux St
Flagstaff, AZ 86001
Club and Ice in the Pines logos are available
Ask for David