FFSC Holiday Exhibition 2016

FFSC Spring Exhibition 2017

Sunday, April 30, 2017, 2:15 to 3:45 PM

Jay Lively Ice Arena

Great job skaters, parents, and board members! We were treated to some beautiful skating! Now available, the photo DVD. This disc has several photos of each skater in the show, all professionally edited. The cost is $18.00 and all proceeds benefit FFSC.

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Skating Order

1. LTS Group 2-Be Our Guest
2. Ruby Jenney-Scars to Your Beautiful
3. LTS Group 1 – Happy Working Song
4. Savannah Rucker-Sky Full Stars
5. Abbie Clayton-The Swings of Central Park
6. LTS Group 3 – Life is a Highway
7. Libby Gdula-Better When You’re Dancing
8. Cyanne Henson- 9 to 5
9. Tara Marzolf-Latch
10. Reagan Rucker-1000 Miles
11. Morgan Coverdale-Drops of Jupiter
12. Melanie Morton-Sing, Sing, Sing
13. Alana Persons-Something Wild
14. Nicole Rohrig-Kung Fu Cello
15. Savannah Stanistreet-Life Chronicles
16. Ariana Lambert-Every Breath You Take
17. Amelia Hayes-Hello Goodbye
18. Brielle Williams - Enchanted


19. Sophia Christy-Giants Fall
20. Delaney Crawford-Work Song
21. Audrey Zerger-Skeeter Pitch
22. Morgan Coverdale-Ain’t No Better Man
23. Cyanne Henson- Roxy
24. Ashlea Kirkpatrick-Here Comes the Rain Again
25. Isabella Christy- You are not Alone
26. Tara Marzolf-Primavera
27. Grant Brooks-Star Wars
28. Jasmine Ackerman-I’m Not At All In Love
29. Savannah Stanistreet-Take You to Rio
30. Kyla Christy- What if I
31. Lilliana Roccaforte-Carnival of the Animals
32. Courtney Cashman-Stand

FFSC Holiday Exhibition 2016

Sunday December 11, 2016, 2:15 to 3:45 pm
Jay Lively Ice Arena

The public is welcome!

FFSC Spring Exhibition 2016

Sunday April 24 at 2:15 PM
Jay Lively Ice Arena

The public is welcome!

Skate Order

1. Morgan Coverdale-Bulletproof
2. Nina Terriquez-I’m Not Too Little
3. Abbie Clayton-Domestic Pressures
4. Cyanne Henson-Roxie
5. Nikki Rohrig-Tangled
6. Delaney Crawford-Let It Go (James Bay)
7. Ella Bereson-Someone Like You
8. Audrey Zerger-Sally’s Song
9. Ruby-Chicago Overture
10. Caitlin Peterson-Adios
11. Ashlea Kirkpatrick-Moonlight
12. Savannah Rucker-Berlin
13. Raegan Rucker-Hook
14. Daisy Kotalik-Wink and a Smile
15. Sarah Goldstein-The Boogie Bumper
16. Avery Adden- Hakuna Matata
17. Tara Marzolf-Rain
18. Kayla Christy-Dynamite
19. Courtney Cashman-Bajofondo Tango
20. Sophia Terriquez-Gospel


21. Ella Bereson, Carmen Manygoats, Ruby Jenney, and Sarah Goldstein-Gagnum Style
22. Melanie Morton-Under the Sea
23. Delaney Crawford-A Fuoco
24. Lilliana Roccaforte-Swan Lake
25. Cyanne Henson-Pan
26. Abbie Clayton-Like Real People Do
27. Savannah Rucker-American Honey
28. Savannah Stanistreet-Finding Nemo
29. Jenna Austin-Can’t Help Falling In Love With You
30. Gabriella Hecht-New World
31. Tatum Bronson-Devenire
32. Amelia Hayes-Mahoney’s Debut
33. Isabella Christy-Hard Knock Life
34. Arianna Lambert-Petricor
35. Ashlea Kirkpatrick-Smooth Criminal
36. Alana Parsons-Romantic Flight
37. Carmen Manygoats-Guardians At the Gate
38. Morgan Coverdale-What I’ve Done
39. Olivia Barton-Harry Potter
40. Nikki Rohrig-Fire and Ice

FFSC Holiday Exhibition 2015

Sunday December 13, 2015, 2:15 to 4:45 pm
Jay Lively Ice Arena

The public is welcome!

Skate Order

1. Learn to Skate Group-March of the Toys
2. Tara Marzolf-Winter Song
3. Sara Goldstein-Arctic Skate
4. Jenna Austin & Morgan Coverdale-This Christmas
5. Nina Terriquez-I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause
6. Caitlin Peterson-Song for a Winter’s Night
7. Ella Bereson-Little Drummer Boy
8. Abbie Clayton-We Have A Savior
9. Cyanne Henson & Raegan Rucker-Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
10. Alana Persons-Silent Night
11. Tatum Bronson-Believe
12. Carmen Manygoats & Ruby Jenney-Santa Clause Is Comin’ To Town
13. Audrey Zerger-Ice Princess
14. Nikki Rohrig & Savannah Rucker-Mr Heatmiser
15. Savannah Stanistreet & Isabella Christy-Frosty the Snowman
16. Daisy Kotalik-A Wink & A Smile
17. Gabriella Hecht-Holly Jolly Christmas
18. Liliana Rocceforte-Ode to Joy
19. Olivia Barton-Sleigh Ride
20. Melanie Morton-The First Noel


21. Raegan Rucker-Gettin’ In the Mood for Christmas
22. Delaney Crawford-Arwen’s Vigil
23. Tia Stephens-God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
24. Daisy Kotalik-Baby, It’s Cold Outside
25. Ariana Lambert-This Christmas
26. Courtney Cashman-Santa Clause Is Comin’ To Town
27. Ashlea Kirkpatrick-Mary, Did You Know?
28. Savannah Rucker-O Come, O Come Emmanuel
29. Cyanne Henson-Let It Snow
30. Ruby Jenney-Jingle Bell Rock
31. Sophia Terriquez-Feliz Navidad
32. Liliana Rocceforte-Dance of the Mirlitions
33. Nikki Rohrig-Home Alone
34. Amelia Hayes-Christmas Waltz
35. Carmen Manygoats-Jingle Bell Rock
36. Savannah Stanistreet-Noel
37. Isabella Christy-Deck the Halls
38. Morgan Coverdale & Tatum Bronson-All I Want for Christmas Is You

FFSC Spring Exhibition 2015

Sunday April 26, 2:00 to 3:30 pm
Jay Lively Ice Arena

Awesome skating everyone! And huge thanks to the volunteers and coaches who put in all the work to make it happen.

Photo CDs are Available

Support your club! All proceeds benefit the Scott Olson Memorial Scholarship fund.

The photo disc includes several high-resolution photos of each skater and program, all professionally edited and white-balanced. (Sorry, but there's no video this time.) Discs will be delivered about two weeks after the event. Download a Photo/Video Order Form and give it to Bruce or drop it in the club dropbox at the rink. You can pay by check ($12.00) or below with PayPal ($14.00).

Selected photos are on our Facebook page, as well as photos from past exhibitions: Photo Albums. (You don't need a Facebook account to view our photos.)

Buy with Paypal, $14.00 each DVD, mailed:
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FFSC Family Skate: End of Exhibition until 5:15 pm. All FFSC members and immediate family members are welcome! Non-members must sign a waiver at the door.
FFSC Annual Dinner: 5:30 at Wildflower Bread Company

Music: Lauren Copeland-Glenn
Announcing: Eric Walden
Skating Order/Program: Caitlin Peterson
Coffee and Welcome Tables: Tracy Bates and Rhonda Cashman
Photography: Bruce Grubbs

Skating Order:
Raegan Rucker-Itty Bitty Little One
Amelia Hayes-Harry Potter
Cyanne Henson & Bailey Larson-Danger Zone
Caitlin Peterson-Resolve
Tara Marzolf-Express Yourself
Sage Kerst-Petrushka
Morgan Coverdale-Mr. Pinstripe Suit
Delaney Crawford & Brooke Pacheco-Gimme That Rock
Shelby Wallace-New Day
Daisy Kotalik-Hot Lunch
Abbie Clayton-Arrival of the Birds
Sophia Terriquez-Jump in the Line
Tatum Bronson-Devenire
Savannah Rucker-Dance With Me
Courtney Cashman-Clean
Renee Arthur-Nearer My God to Thee
Chelsea Cook-Breakaway
Ella Bereson-Alpha & Omega
Learn to Skate group-Surfin’ USA


Courtney Cashman & Eric Walden-Fourteenstep
Daisy Kotalik-Forrest Gump
Rachel Miller-Michael Meets Mozart
Nikki Rohrig-The Games
Jessie Adams-Weinert- Not About Angels
Ron Christy-Wonderland by Night
Ashlea Kirkpatrick-The Voice
Delaney Crawford-Young & Beautiful
Savannah Stanistreet-How to Believe
Lauren Pacheco-Never Let Me Go
Audrey Zerger-Ever Ever After
Morgan & Tatum-Can’t Touch This Ice
Cyanne Henson-Objection (Tango)
Ruby Jenney- Swing Swing Sci Fi
Caitlin Peterson-Adios
Brooke Pacheco-Once Upon A Dream
Bailey Larson-Paris mix
Abbie Clayton-Like Real People Do
Ariana Lambert -Strange Birds
Savannah Rucker & Nikki Rohrig-Footloose