FFSC Board Meeting Agenda, Monday, Oct 22

5:30pm at Jay Lively Ice Arena

Call to Order

Members Present / Determine Quorum

Approve the 9/24/18 Board Meeting Minutes

Treasurer’s Report
September Financial Statement
IP Update
Update on Late & Delinquent Payors
Do we have a comparison on the additional income if we were to raise drop-in rates?

Financial Policy & SOP

Membership Report

Board Member Update – Does Tracy have any interest in accepting the VP position? Are any other parents interested?

SafeSport Compliance – What volunteers are required? How are other clubs getting their members to become compliant?

D2L Training – Have all board members completed training?

New Harness – Has the bid remained the same?

Projector for the Club – Any Update?

Wildflower Fundraiser – Are we able to get an exception and have the proceeds given to individuals? If not, should we move forward with FFSC being the recipient?

Trunk or Treat – October 31st, 4:00pm – 7:00pm. What items will we hand out?

Additional Fundraising/Publicity Ideas.

Summer High Altitude On and Off Ice Training Camp – Should we reach out to Jill Watson to see if she would be willing to help?

National Skating Month in January – Are we able to partner with FYHA? Should we schedule a date?

Safety Meetings - Are there any skaters that still needing to sign the Safety Form?