Jay Lively Reopens

The ice rink is open on a limited basis as of Monday, October 12th. Please take the time to read through this post in its entirety to understand all of the changes and new safety protocols that have been put in place. Please keep in mind that the protocols have been set forth by the City of Flagstaff and if not followed would result in our club losing ice privileges.

  • Please do not enter the facility if you have experienced COVID-19 symptoms or flu-like symptoms within the last 14 days
  • All entrants are required to wear a mask when in the Jay Lively Activity Center, except skaters may remove their masks on the ice. Coaches must wear a mask at all times
  • When arriving at the ice rink arrive as ready as possible to play. Locker rooms will be closed
  • Only bring in necessary equipment, limit excess items.
  • Food consumption is not permitted in the facility. Water and sports beverage consumption are allowed
  • Groups will be limited to 20 participants total (including coaches)
  • Spectators are not permitted at this time
  • When entering the rink please check in with staff and have your temperature checked
  • Maintain social distancing when in the facility and in the parking lot
  • Do not loiter or gather in the parking lot before or after your skating session
  • Do not arrive more that 20 minutes prior to your skating session
  • After your skating session has ended please exit the facility in a quick and safe manner. Do not loiter in the facility

Specific to our club:

  • Ice monitor box will be completely off-limits to skaters and coaches at least through the end of October. Please do not use the ice monitor box for music or to place personal items. These doors should remain closed at all times. If music is needed for a skater program please use a blue tooth speaker
  • There will be limited use of the ice. We will open skating sessions at $10 per session to start, which is payable prior to skating. Sessions MUST be booked in advance at least two hours before the session start using our online membership system, EntryEeze. Login, go to the contract Ice tab, and buy your sessions
  • Do not leave cash or check at the rink. Online payments only
  • There are no refunds on unused sessions. If you schedule a session please make every effort to keep this time as it would be unfair to other skaters who were unable to purchase ice
  • You can move to a different session as long as the deadline hasn't passed and there is room. Contact Bruce or Jennifer and we will make the change
  • A list of skaters/coaches per session will be provided to the rink staff to check skaters in. Those who do not buy sessions online and are not on the list will not be permitted into the ice rink
  • There will be a flow of traffic to the inside of the ice rink. Skaters may enter through the main entrance and will exit the doors by the restrooms. Skates may put on and taken off skates inside of the ice arena. The lobby seating has been removed and the lobby is considered closed
  • Parents will not be permitted in the ice rink at this time. We are trying to allow as many skaters/coaches as possible to stay within our limit of 20
  • Your membership must be current in order to buy sessions. Renew online via EntryEeze

Our new skating schedule is as follows:

  • Sunday 12pm-1pm
  • Monday 3pm-4pm
  • Wednesday 3pm-4pm
  • Friday 3pm-4pm
  • Saturday 12pm-1pm