Orientation Meeting, Sunday Oct 1

Hello FFSC Coaches, Board Members, Ice Monitors and Skater Parents,

We will have an Orientation Meeting on Sunday, October 1st at 3:00 pm for about 30 minutes. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss responsibilities on and off the ice during Club Ice sessions. There are vacancies for Ice Monitors. This message goes out the entire Club in case there is a parent interested in filling one of those vacancies. If you are interested, please attend this meeting.

Just to remind everyone, if you are an Ice Monitor for 4 or more skating sessions a month, you are eligible to receive a credit of $25 on your next month's ice fees. Ideally, all shifts would be covered consistently. Please choose a day/time that works best for you to Ice Monitor each week. Please see the Club calendar on our website for open shifts if you are interested and let Jennifer (Windhorst) Rohrig, our President, and Bruce Grubbs, our Webmaster, know if you wish to choose an opening so you can get on the calendar as the official Ice Monitor and receive your credit. Both of them are copied on this email.

Thanks for your consideration. On behalf of the Board, I look forward to seeing you at this meeting.

Rhonda Cashman
FFSC Board Secretary and Test Chair