Walk-On Procedure

FFSC members, and members of other USFSA clubs, are welcome to skate as walk-ons on FFSC sessions. Members of other USFSA clubs must:

  1. Must be a current member of a USFSA club
  2. Sign a waiver (once per season). Waivers are available in the staff office at the south end of the lobby hall
  3. Pay the walk on fee ($15 per session). Payment envelopes and a dropbox are in the staff office. You can also pay via PayPal on our Club Ice page
  4. Check in with the Ice Monitor and turn in their music
  5. Sign in- next to your name, check off the session(s) skated on the sign-in sheet. If you're a non-member or a new member, write your name on the sheet

All skaters using FFSC ice (except coaches) must pay for their ice time