FFSC Spring Exhibition 2016

FFSC Spring Exhibition 2015

Sunday April 24 at 2:15 PM
Jay Lively Ice Arena
The public is welcome!


Holiday Exhibition 2015

Jay Lively Ice Arena, Sunday, Dec 13 at 2:15. The public is welcome!
The skate order is posted on the Exhibitions page.

FFSC Holiday Exhibition 2015

FFSC Holiday Exhibition 2014

Join us for our annual Holiday Exhibition on Sunday, December 13, 2015, at 2:15 pm! Skaters of all levels will perform their programs, as well as duets and group numbers. The public is welcome!

Spring Exhibition 2015

FFSC Spring Exhibition 2015

Beautiful skating everyone! And a big thanks to the volunteers for making everything run smoothly. Selected photos are on Facebook (you don't need a Facebook account to view our photos), and photo CDs are now available. See the Exhibitions page.



Jessie as Elsa in Frozen

Thank you everyone who attended both performances of Frozen! Your support was awesome! And skaters- the audience was with you the whole time. They really appreciated your great skating and interpretation of the story! Thank you to the parents and volunteers who made it all work. More photos here. A video will be available soon.

FFSC Holiday Exhibition 2014

Morgan, FFSC Holiday Exhibition 2014

Beautiful skating, everyone! A huge thank you to the coaches and volunteers who made this work so smoothly. And thanks to Kickstand Kafe for the coffee that kept everyone warm and happy.

Photo and video discs are available, see the Exhibitions page.


2013 Holiday Exhibition Photo and Video DVD's

2013 Holiday Exhibition

Photos are up- click here. Support your club! Order photo and video DVD's from the Exhibitions page.

Holiday Exhibition

FFSC Holiday Exhibition 2013

Everyone did a fantastic job putting on our Holiday Exhibition and we had a record crowd. Huge thanks to the skaters for treating us to some beautiful skating, and to the parents, coaches, and board members for making it all work. And thanks to rink staff for the double ice cut. Many more photos to come, as soon as I edit the 2,000 I took. -Bruce

Spring Exhibition 2013 Photos

FFSC Spring Exhibition 2013

Spring Exhibition photos are posted- go to our Photo page. Many more photos are available on the photo DVD- see below to order.

Video and Photo DVD's of Spring Exhibition 2013

2013 Spring Exhibition

Photo and video DVD's of the entire exhibition are available. All proceeds benefit the FFSC Skater Scholarship Fund: Download a Photo and Video Order Form. You can pay by check ($12.00) or PayPal ($14.00).

Buy with Paypal, $14.00 each DVD, mailed:


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