Jay Lively Fee Increase Dropped

On October 2 the City Council voted 4 to 2 to table indefinitely the proposed fee increase at Jay Lively. The sense of the Council was to ask city staff to look at all Parks and Recreation facilities for ways to increase revenue that will avoid placing a burden on any group or sport.

This means we won't see a fee increase until next fall, if then. Any fee increase would be smaller than first proposed and would be phased in over several years.

Special thanks to Kevin Tye, president of FYHA, for researching the budget of Parks and Recreation and working with Council members ahead of time to raise questions about the budget process that led to the original proposal to raise our fees 44%.

And thank you to Rachel Miller, Rhonda and Courtney Cashman, and Julia and Angela Robbins for supporting FFSC before the Council tonight.

New Club Ice Level

We've added a new level of monthly club ice fees to encourage new members. The rate is $35 for 5 sessions per month, effective October 1. This is an experiment- if it doesn't work out we will cancel it.



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