Ice Rink Access

Due to the ongoing city project on Turquoise, Mike, the rink manager says: Just a head's up access to the Arena has changed due to the water improvement project. To enter and exit the arena please follow the detour signs if you are on Turquoise to Oak St. to San Francisco St. to Juniper St. or turn onto San Francisco to Juniper.


Change in Parking Access for the Ice Rink

Per the Jay Lively management, access through the Jay Lively main entrance will be rerouted through Cedar Road due to a water improvement project. The Jay Lively Ice Arena will remain open and times have not changed. Depending on weather, the crews will reach the entrance either this week or next. Likely the weather this week will delay work and crews will shut down the main entrance early next week, but that could change. All traffic will be detoured through Cedar Rd. for entrance and exiting. The Cedar road detour will be signed temporary no parking during this time. The work affecting the main entrance will likely take two weeks to finish. The crews are working Monday through Thursday. The crews will be re-opening the main entrance Friday through Sunday.


May Rink Closure

Jay Lively Ice Arena will close on April 27 and re-open about a month later. The rink normally closes in May for a week or two for ice maintenance. This closure will be longer than normal because several issues need to be addressed with the roof. Staff will investigate the cause of the rusting on the roof beams and have the roof repainted. Also, moisture-absorbant material will be applied to the roof to lower the humidity in the building and reduce the water drips that have caused bumps and holes in the ice during periods of humid weather.


Holiday Rink Closures

The rink will be closed and there will be no club ice on the following holidays:

Thanksgiving, Thursday November 28
Christmas, Wednesday December 25
New Years Day, Wednesday January 1


Making Ice!

Making ice

Building up the ice, almost ready to lay down the white paint.


Jay Lively Ice Arena

Jay Lively Ice Arena
1650 N. Turquoise Drive, Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Call rink staff or visit www.flagstaff.az.gov/index.aspx?NID=63 for information on the facility or public skating.

Please do not contact rink staff with questions about Flagstaff Figure Skating Club. Click here to contact FFSC by email.

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